KIDz is at work in local schools!


KIDz is an outreach program that was started in 2004, to identify elementary age kids in our local school districts that have special needs. Currently, it has spread to 17 different school districts across Southeast Kansas into Southwest MO and Northwest AR.

KIDz is a simple donation program, where 100% of the donation goes directly to kids in need. It is administered through a teacher/volunteer in each school district that is closely involved with the kids on a daily basis, which allows them to identify special needs that arise.

KIDz provides cash donations directly to local teachers designated as "fund administrators". In essence, the teacher identifies special needs and then acts to turn cash donations into purchases of shoes, clothing, glasses, coats, etc. As an auditing feature in how funds are spent, a secondary sign-off person is also designated in each school.

In the past, this program has been funded anonymously through a group of companies called the Tank Connection Affiliate Group. Based on its success in local school districts and growing needs, other individuals and companies have requested the opportunity to participate.

KIDz is a program that runs throughout the school year, until funds run out. We think it is the perfect donation program, where 100% of the donations go directly to the local kids with special needs, and is administered through local teacher volunteers.

If you would like to participate in this program, please send your cash donations directly to the contacts listed here and copy us via email at on your donations. At Tank Connection, we do not handle outside funds, but we will make sure that you receive an email on how donated funds were spent throughout the year, as we are advised by fund administrators.